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Name Casing#

Use Humanizer with CommandDotNet to convert the case of command and arguments to PascalCase, camelCase, lowercase or kebab-case.

TLDR, How to enable#

dotnet add package CommandDotNet.NameCasing
Install-Package CommandDotNet.NameCasing

Enable the feature with appRunner.NameCasing(...)

Case options#

public class App
    public void MigrateUser([Option]bool dryRun){...}

With Case.DontChange, the command is executed as MigrateUser --dryRun

With Case.PascalCase, the command is executed as MigrateUser --DryRun

With Case.CamelCase, the command is executed as migrateUser --dryRun

With Case.KebabCase, the command is executed as migrate-user --dry-run

With Case.LowerCase, the command is executed as migrateuser --dryrun

Overridden names#

By default, the case is only applied where the name has not been overridden in an attribute.

public class App
    public void MigrateUser([Option("DryRun")]bool dryRun){...}

the command is executed as migrateUser --DryRun.

Use the applyToNameOverrides option to apply case conversion to migrateUser and DryRun.


Humanizer behavior

  • Lowercase cannot be converted to another case... except, the first letter will be capitalized for Pascal. Humanizer doesn't know where the second word starts.
  • Kebabcase cannot be converted to camelcase or lowercase. No idea why.
  • Camel and Pascal can be converted to any other case

Custom Name Transforamtions#

use appRunner.Configure(b => b.NameTransformation = ...) to apply custom name transformations.

Example: Humanizer middleare

/// <summary>Change the case of argument and command names to match the given cases</summary>
/// <param name="appRunner"></param>
/// <param name="case">The case to apply</param>
/// <param name="applyToNameOverrides">Case should be applied to names overridden in attributes.</param>
public static AppRunner UseNameCasing(this AppRunner appRunner, Case @case, bool applyToNameOverrides = false)
    return applyToNameOverrides
        ? appRunner.Configure(b => b.NameTransformation = (_, memberName, nameOverride, _) =>
            (nameOverride ?? memberName).ChangeCase(@case))
        : appRunner.Configure(b => b.NameTransformation = (_, memberName, nameOverride, _) =>
            nameOverride ?? memberName.ChangeCase(@case));
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