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TLDR, How to enable#

Enable the feature with appRunner.UseDebugDirective() or appRunner.UseDefaultMiddleware().

Debug Directive#

Sometimes you just need to debug into a process and configuring the debug arguments in VS is too many extra steps.

When the [debug] directive is used, the process id will output to the console and wait for you to attach a debugger.

$ dotnet example.dll [debug] Add 1 2

Attach your debugger to process 24236 ({exe name}).

Debugger from the start#

The debugger is attached early in the middleware pipeline, after the args have been tokenized. Any logic before appRunner.Run will occur before stepping into the debugger. To attach immediately in the Main method, use Debugger.AttachIfDebugDirective(args).

    class Program
        static int Main(string[] args)

            // configuraation code here

            new AppRunner<MyApp>().Run(args);
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