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How to keep up with changes to the resources?#

How we do it#

To ensure a ResourcesProxy overrides all members of it's base Resources class, we've added these ResourceProxyTests which we can also use to regenerate a proxy when new members have been added to it's base.

How you could do it#

Using the patterns displayed in ResourceProxyTests, generate the translation files (resx, json, xliff). Then set up a test to compare previous with current.


ResourcesDef is a class we've used to generate proxy classes and localization files. If you've built custom middleware following the same pattern used in CommandDotNet, you can use this class to do the same.

For this proxy pattern to work, all method parameters must be strings which allows the proxy to pass in place holders such as {0} and {1} for use in the IStringLocalizer. Use the ResourcesDef.Validate method in unit tests to catch when a non-string parameter is used.

Use ResourcesDef.IsMissingMembersFrom in unit tests to detect when changes to the base resources class have not been added to the proxy.

Generate your proxy classes#

Follow the pattern in the ResourceGenerators.RegenerateProxyClasses method to generate your proxy classes.

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